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2D & 3D Boundary Boxing:Bounding boxes are imaginary boxes drawn

Polygon annotation: A multi-point annotation technique to detect the exact shape of object by drawing pixel perfect polygon.

Cuboids: An annotation technique to get 3D perspectives of Height, Width and Depth of object by drawing multi 2D images over an object.

Semantic Segmentation: a the process of associating every single pixel in an entire image with a specific label.


Moderate all types of content to keep your social media pages, blogs, and website safe and engaging for every user.

‣ Real-time content review to filter unwanted content such as spam, indecent photos, profanity, and illegal content
‣ Keep users safe on your website, forums, blogs, and social media pages
‣ Moderate multiple content formats such as text, photos, artworks, GIFs, links, videos, and audio



The specific processes including:

‣ Advisory, assistance to research, analyzing to meet customer’s requests.

‣ Software deployment, research and design

‣ Building and implementation

‣ Testing, evaluation and ensuring product’s quality.



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